Friday, September 14, 2007

Mark Statman, "Swan Song"

the boat ports at the dock
the plane the runway
the swan the water
everyone has some
question of travel
connected with certainty
and uncertainty
with arrival, departure
the green mediation
of the imagination
the green mediation
of a path
defined by bridge and wire
I’m in love
with the black swan
and the white swan
I’m in love with the boat and
I’m afraid of the plane
the smell of the water
the boat’s horn
the flight attendant’s sudden
closing of the cabin door
I know how to swim
and can easily forget in passing
the iciness of the water
I can’t fly
and I know how
the deceptive solid clouds
wouldn’t hold me
not even for a second
right now
I’m in love with the swan
with the swan song
though this means the end of something
at the beginning I only think
of what’s ahead
in the middle
of when it’s over
at the end
the swan touches the water
it makes hardly any ripple
in the late summer afternoon
no song, no ripple
smell of honeysuckle and lilac
the swan swims away
when the black one meets the white
then two
no song yet, no ripple still
the green mediated path
of imagination, bridge and wire
from it
you’ll hear them
swan song
you’ll hear
come on, come on

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Scott Glassman and Sheila E. Murphy, Untitled Collaboration

from Section 1

Leviticus dusted for prints leaves little doubt of what is missing from the tent of acrimony
severing the wince from nature and blackmailing sippers of latte into pocketing the story
following the story rumored to be the sole story, kisses or missed brush notwithstanding.

Affections wheeze a channel-click stammering thou and shall deuteronomy zooming
into Chappaquiddick, the unsolved fabulist: autum festival stirrer and frothing frigate
scantly heralded biserial, hazard lane. Hop to it, wish this upon fuss, rush in. Demand it.

Second commingling solves thousands of zooms that cut to the quick to find a found
lane drawn in thirds. Binomial distributorship seems only yesterday’s conundrum. Broth
bears Alice rushness. Pass it on. The mandarin exclusion quakes with fistula revealed.

Stall door barges into lop-eared odyssey, confounds the gear sneezing agitates
enigma’s road crew off-ramp teacup— nausea impresses, retrofits algebraic mast
tournaments, years, all objects abscessed (smile) where bell jars gather rubble, breath.

Tactics mean the world is drying. Years take back the paltry fall of yesterday, the parking
lot where woman as robot left her meal, prompting a departure of all others from the tiny
space as though stubble were a launching pad, found charted, and gears finely worked.

Neither lap nor Julia’s suspicion uproots the fabricated the laxative of thirst. Betrothed
as one is to Proteus, due for neverland, categories rappel down the outfield’s only wall.
Strike three names the intimate in saddle-stitched unshaven strep throat apprehension.

The set pulse leaves us cold from all that failure to fry. Protean baskets empty
themselves and neighbors, purported to have shared the field, the wall, three blames
prehensile possibly, until the spikes enter the wood of definite articulates (still pulse).

Anemic flurries lend sound into-these-gaps-with-caution, deer’s tongue simmers
whitely among the faint of being, and scrolls la meme chose township’s fallow rack
where twilight attains its body, the o’saurus of night’s fecund silver rakes its reef awake.

Aloe s/oftening the skin. Conditioning repositions aught to form primary numb(erstwhile)
c/raft there(by) depletes an enormous storehouse (Stockhausen) in the act of following
the fallow with attention, post-scurry qua liver spots delineating twilight’s free twills.

Antiquated bin of heart’s twice-wrapped furl. Innerscript is width the score-is(gorge)ous
as ventricle, logarithm vivisecting orange slices on pint glass emblems of slippage, sight
lined to the hilt rabbinical wollop, swift uppercut g’mornin after Vader’s dark has bitten.

Leave the litre near the bin. Turn off the set. Core gorges feed the ventricle to rhythms in
a mood of sector lint. Blancmange served to the rabbi yields a string of wisdom, or a
vast warm sky finned through by youthful curiosity, cut with ratcheted ark markings just lit.

Sharpener vatic as the haftorah point-click-drag (disposed of) yoga ligament. Thumping
brood of crash-apportioned child. Shekinah appetizer fields a ping of sincerity, icons
leap at the tragic voweling of purim noise. Pop-up exodus recants six million tea lights.

Lump together rash and you get wrinkled dashboards, conical dreams, rim-shot cavities.
Posture toward the sacraments and you get consonants that cantors fling. The tea runs
mist across the yard, proportioned so the point is breath, not noise, not rude. Not cash.

Stumped but not forgotten, how the louvre of odometer and mileage consecrates fealt
y open-ended stairs equipped in the amen of pluto’s demotion, role as simple son via
ravines’ equating link of Haggada to kissing & egg hunts condensing to afikomen.

Miles to twirl before dense kissing’s quasi stair light in the full consecutive of morning
shaped by vines’ links and the looking. Draft integrity mourns instructive sadness for the
simple to be right in this museum of promotion. Vast and shouldered and arriving.

Even differentials invite the miner’s lettuce into escalation, penny to the well-pleat.
Indignant fire thinks “red vinca” as it flags across latticework, micron tougher than vent
respires its fool’s errand in crass hydrolitic colonies, cedar staves and sister cities.

Colonial cedar blanks out use despite the escalation of pleated digs. Where lagging
growth emits a fire, one thinks to rough it near the ventricles and random rasps from
fields where penny wisdom flourishes amid mined resolution faking its way through.

Shapeless mittens parry barrels, shafts appearing ‘round the stained counterfeit
railroad. Collect calls sack the community chested coriander-scented firework,
fluidics of such a price and oddity that inquisition faints beneath the swaying trope.

Rehearsals for depth perception fete the wool piece by the sack cloth vested in work,
priced to be peeled from library copies of the lubricants that sway from trope to tropics
henrying their way to mill the grain from sod when rice is all that nests in sound.

For which parade, mother-bird‘s junkie itch. The thinnest of metal planes, a coin-
chewing tin man as omniscient (self-proclaimed) fading forestation doomsday where
fairies lose their grapheme seaweeds, thrive on day-old crepes pickled in fructose.

Lane change, vetted rest stops, close quarters fed into the dry machine shop strike one
thin line radicals (free) chase water back to source (codific) as if read-only memory were
daylight. One panders to prophetic discharge when metallic gold coast factors west.

Prefigures jams and U-boat wong turns— Jack, Jack, could eat no book, his head so
full of gum and scansion hash mark going down dear SOS autocramped, sped for
upload. The plow a north one must review, wire tap dance its anklets against acedia.

Plumlets grace the dark in kind, mementos practice being bringing back the impulse on
first base. Are you fair? A gimlet’s worth of boring offers incisive views of down home
blockades like mother used to makeshift as a tap game sparring anklet against flow.

Impacted with nightwatch a garden likewise bobbles the pitch and inflames its dare:
the umpteenth court conquered by maps. Arthur resuscitates the maiden with olives
and oxygen, gloves wet, a Polaroid’s weather. As if eroding from mirage (starving it).

Watch that photograph for subtle changes, mirage is an acquaintance of sotto magic, the
teeny aptitude for foraging recuses selves we didn’t know we had, including Rodman on
the court (recall?) androgyny’s a mere forecast forestalling maiden voyages galore.

Sexless confidence of the daimon, skin-rip. Vitiates the torpor, la hermana ditto, stance.
Hot topic in Monmouth calibrates a drill, funneling balls down 3rd, vomitorium— pronto.
Priceclub examines (hacks into) Pluto, every transamerican myth delaying launch.

Haunches repay hunches in full. The stench of erasure faults lemony salvation, its
stature and linguistic gnosis. Calibration is the act of leaving out the blips. Confiteor deo
omnipotenti. Do not bother taking back. Removal’s hyperbolic. Lunch trumps launch.

Outskirts the noxious fang-strike of Brady kiss, benched indefinitely among khaki & twill.
Agnostically let-go. Blindsided middle of night shedding its viceroy evangelical aroma
et lux perpetua es (is) (light) (and) (forever) revamped. Fed to a clause, tramp as mirror.

Press ag, press pnostic, press pastiche. Low-cost singularity makes raves with rivulets
(the will to forget) c’est ca. And sides are often blind. Remember them, the quicksand of
skipping rope to gravity . . . one has not played, The vice in roy. This hand. This lift.

Going stag, storms of backgammon and beach (ratted out). Ah is the diagnosed sturdy
magic, recall a shrine’s immaterial aches what equus tabulates & overfills zoology with.
Quintets assert loudly to a monorail. Byzantine isotopes distend a rhythm’s hearth.

Brat force lacks tithing. A glottal stop is worth the busywork its smitten with. Zoology
convenes the sharp and shapeless fans of mononucleosis sitting bedside by the
television sap lines raging ostensibly across counters about aches and pandering.

Agrarian hinterland. Take five. Hedgerows drag into probable cause the lecherous
stalks. Violet paramours double as sinkholes to the tinny furtive conch. A strewn
ellipse entangles its raven with bluejay, with zero. Take π, for instance, the price tag.

Five sentences sink in. The couch is strewn with ragged tin and blue. Probable warbles
make her voice in church in jest. One rues the day when mezzo sop turns dizzy high
then goes low. Although the warmth of that exceeds the human status paragram.

Glam vindicates the mink imperative, declares it sin, tantamount to quart-sized
mime type, fetal divide. Lounge prunes its clockwork for soprano run-through, flies
das boot hermetically this furniture of pulse intensively in a paradigm’s vendetta.

Implacable enemy centers the heart, locked into work files never tantric (trick sized)
plaint divisible by three unless the ounces glued to pulse seal war glyphs into psyches
prana filled and clued or not a place to sit to side with tensile hastenings dogmatic.

Mana is elevation ready for fool’s dough kneading its treatable metabolism, a hand-
me-down saint. Is that your card? Chimeric flounces out of its coffer, shipwreck stunt
binds mind to the encephalographic mothertongue blast ingesting marketplace chatter.

Flatbed rucksack plat combellishing formats, reformation’s friend off-hours wrecked in
the stun gun mind waves tongue smart and gestating some wise treason toward the
need of saintliness (look at the graph, look at the sun shield, quietly regard the raft).

Towing the delta flaps-up over indigent crosses, voluble powwows take on bilge. Pin-up
graves sung tart among a fan base diuretic. Its heiress spills a prettiness clamping down
on third world aether (thesis) recycles debt-affected domes for the straggling few traces.

In lieu of a domestic flap, the cycle was blimped into spastic atmosphere as it to tamp
down the diurnal lark made grave, pinned to dross and lithe divergence tapped out of
the trove of stung mass (sung Mass) based on heirloomed repellent for the sh/ark out front.

Pang or Great White. Whose heterogenous rasp skips through plutonium pores drilling
shores into antecedent heap, the bodies aggregated, caving thrones plugged, panting
as the baroque lower jaw amends one palpitation of spray, one halting hello, or halo.

Suppress, remand, excuse. Enlisted sentences bundle the tones of gluten where rills
might stand to plumb the deep executive cave disguised as ladder constantly amending
a foreshadowed present tense. The law ensues and comes to outcast Pluto’s stance.

In the mirrored quake, repopulated by retina, howls a quaint bounty shivers revealed
dumbly when festooning the skin moves on its own recognizance, fending off triple
plays and nauseous recounts. Ill laws are like the sores of a crowd on volcanic plateaus.

Pratfallen isotopic tropes give fender light swift lip scat borrowed from cognizant settlers
made to pitch their flaws hemetically sore from rowdy kin who lay aside differences and
find new dumbbells to lift to populate the empty cells habitual anxiety would fill.

Must have the vale (evinced) how they perambulate hunts purchasing their Lousiana
bless you thanks tactic shreds hapless garage band dowdy currents in line with
watershed give-back and nautilus paper Indians near lithium’s hopscotch morgue.

Breath is its own advocate. One hears the lisp of treelight in the spheres on grows
among. And letdown beams its butterfly taupe surely as the lineage pays homage to
pronunciation’s Catskills overdrawn and rendered via eye-hand memory coordination.

Ball descends through gnat’s eye, vaulted urge, watchful demagogue, hearings round
table one traipses across, riverdance the la-la-la head up la-la-la wing down ameliorate
pinnacle of Proustian inches (pop-up blocked) synaptically pointing its shrill fatwa.

Swann’s glowing repartee or not, the sun slits through imaginary windows, music for use
available to the untrained eye, and lockstep revelation of a fastened knowledge of the
mother’s movement upward through the spiral nicknamed home’s own sin of mind.

Splashing iniquity’s corsage so revolves a chakra in the interim. Take a moon, frozen
in its valent swivel, holly red, whatever insole, chelsea house, villa, landslide, or porch
cigar-smoke embryos sucked from gravel cuffs, surname teased, the tiff of ulcer invoked.

Clear first. Refract spun live one, roses are not carnate spores. The sliddly land mass
orchids its way into psychometric cufflinks until ulcerous recall prevokes the tantrum
term from limits tucked in breadbox left on first. The syrup clip reminds of clutter’s clash.

Crater in every fold of tongue. Roses are black as veins, freight whistles, breath, total
abdication, laced with chalk silent ringing once over, soon over here. East, whose east,
is kept out of view. Limits dye indelibly, saying who is not weak, who goes toward it.

Quiet is the empty place, also the full, where risen flowers include young thistle, and the
rests defining measures hinge the rooms with calm connected breathing timed by virtue
of felt talk when language equals pulse defined as compass points and magnets.

Waist-high soiree of fire, thrown out at first. Bunted willow (thunderhead) prods the cur.
May: drowsing horizon cries foul, the hard arpeggio stalks frosting over weeded hue.
Triple myriad of somnolence, indoor lisp of tamarind, astrophysical and stygian as sight.

Glass brick see no clear arpeggio. It hurts to know skin blue. If somnolence, then tapping
sound from indoors where slight rowing shifts the arms and then a horizontal occurs to
headlines. The brunt of any calling is its a priori genus. Now the hour just fades to you.

Sun rattles its sopping footprint among the octane greeting: dear constantine it’s difficult
to have skin defoliate a brogue, feign its accent, affix your emergency exit to the head
of the Charles, open-armed, tweaked by locusts, typhoons canvassing ruby sepulchers.

Learning colors in a brogue enlivens non-emergency’s sweet vastness via custom when
syllables sprawl into vowels following their little fence print styles of teething and the
wind matches the yard with tulips and with clothesline dancing bodiless under the sky.

To starboard, obstreperous impediment of the dialectical: expanding into rainbow-
mustached waves, when in Rome parts its bloom, yellow & pungent Inca ruins the
bassinet of centuries, acclimated, dripping hooked pansies, 80-watt flannel speartips.

Rock and toward, forthcoming lipstick and the motion carried, lines made bow stretch
longing leeward also foot markings of lexicograffiti unguent and show shaven so runs of
few press synthesis osmote their riptide to the lotion shore, the priestly place, the dome.

The derelict spray, proof is rouge, cosmetic as dream, rough-meet, help none. Fines
they score unto, herewith, shall bring a forget-me-forward astrolabe attached to plaque
matched by blade, cicadas and blue agave, skydiver salves to emptiness and altar.

Reams of one include with breast, and there are ivy things. Pronounced young
laboratory animals, sung speed of the cicada blue, to wit rest stop and tines the pray for
us commencement offers yet largesse all drama winter. Keep the sake in part alive.

To cheat the intestinal and phallic herd, agrestic vurt, league of unplugged simulacrum
habitat trail a pr(ism) of catgut, graphite year scalds orthodoxy, braying, waltzing at antidotes, such coolant of grass, a juice of tassles, gray apartment: vow or cumulus.

Priapus dredges little music from the tithing, and Ray-Bans deflect skylight. One shops
for cool-decking to resist scalding that would spoil the wheat grass, thus mute thinking
quality, despite a nest of cumulus cloud feathering with scant evidence of moisture.

Dillydallying launch in ten, or sacked in five, claw or front-loaded life, banned chess
caucus, its checkered rods, cones, pressure differentials loyal to the fasting cornea,
necrotic kidney inn, respite for a whittled pill (lightning) in soft-shelled Cassandra.

How she wastes her daylight one-at-a-time protrudes in front of sorry eyes affixed to how
she spins the damages stage right into a curtain stained with royal habit, another interim
dimension of the odd lot trades that hinder mint from seeming in condition, arriving fast.

Ledge is Prilosec, parenthetical, hype O-knight to her sweat-clothed “as if this”— a kiss
is eyed, adumbrates pillow fight, the staid involution. Prophesizes never to be swan,
swapped out for garage sale ‘o fire, relativity’s (sic) quiet claptrap shut-it pseudonym.

Rapt in sequitur of winter, she I he we grant something to low lace and the prophet (may
she join us) willows how in white the parents knight a very to privilege. Is town
amendable? And are the shut lids also quaking just a little? Fire is kin to sense of sight.

Autodidact snows a gray network, polarized flake of non-anything, imperializes the
prorated lance (he-to-a-she advises, adapts, squirrels out prima nocta for thrill ride
vermillion) proudly round, but irascible, think another mineral-hard flame as scabbard.

Is the temper only thin when white? And fragile, pale, gray snow line almost wintrified to
make the glass matte where a mineral lace changes the view. At night the ration of
divisible mistakes goes thin to film and water matches vice. The tender prayer is ice.

Blizzard is masonic, thrifty with its clouded sconce. Footage of blank yard 8mm icecap
where emperors wear grizzly furs case the joint flowering lid superimposed star stripe
additive a mousetrap bucking cointoss ratios: red 40 caking on Achilles’ palatial glare.

Gallery grist means mill town’s not a safe. Yet footage harbors hope beneath its sconce
collectively intuited as though rain were on the thresh- and pillars of communal piety
were off duty this long while, trapped on 40 acres being tossed atop a fleeting overhang.

Where portraiture flutters? Fabric nation for a fast-drawn proctor, many silks scarfing up
the bow. If maimed lamb makes it to the ark in time, tapered leg— port of call steroidal
lesson plan in sunset-gunshot, cup of chaff, meal to acreage’s tightly coiled wheat.

Vestments sometimes taut will usually shine. Row, row, rhyme your reason, lamb cake is
Iscariot because the roids are pinching sets off half-lives eel-like along the acres of
untidy wealth, despite presumption of the stealth positioned heavy on the heat pump.

Plink, punt the grail, collar-nouvelle. Skip, boon, start the rigged spark. Season, scam
heretic of homerun sting, plundered, met stumped. Trunk peeled, marinara feels
fakeness in titanic gobs, crass marina, steam projectile of stake, nocent chores.

Armistice jams thought with theorized string. Lumps of projection lumber along in view of
cameras obscure as runes. The opus diggity projects a stance, eel shaped Riviera
championing clinks and clutter amid raspy thoughts of knobs in lakes with silt.

Chinese red, cinnabar gasses giants sputtering to cherry. Pit sky soaks bicyclists
urea and paunch askew. Lenses tilted at the papal asteroid Acme rearing up cord
asunder. Wet minion circling roof, glassed-in Leith, lady of the branch-bound grackle.

Watch: the empathy under rooftops passes for viewpoints splayed into an avian effect.
As ants, we move together, and each encyclical derivative gives rote rendering a lilt
amid the fray, a clue gone nattering, having passed the pewter overclothes of living well.

Vade mecum: blotches the apollonian gray, brief enthesitis, symptomatic, blubbering
stumbles onto a trail held back fifth grade colored outside uncool call of the call. Built
for toughness, gaiety. Bric-a-brac gangly solving its indispensible nature, height-oiled.

This book, this empty, even constantly used emptiness, limbs vector lubrication-lit and
railings are not there to lift radical side tests all rough crackling and distended. Lease-
purchase lock-steps our bearing to be lore, that in the future calligraphs will show.

Priss chattanook. Concup- crest is eulogescent. Pudd-ump, pudd-ump the aeroverse
piston chugs its schooner blurb of nerve-radio-bravado. Move that quickly in a while to
scallop the sulfuric deed pricklessly hooped both feet down on the stallvein growhut.

Not to have resided within mores leap yeared, owned intransigence lubriquė as
stevedores lay prismic near the chattel having been the chattel to the quicksand levered
and foreswayed heavenly hemplined toward a wicklet pretense overcast, mussed crest.

Scud-tested a day less than bilked plentiful hypotaxi(s) in city lisa de mon ravine.
Ponds (great lakes) spackle the chapel’s frill. Very well, thank you for toking
vinery of triumvirate up to ones annex, easterly knee on hyperbole, tousled down.

Taxonometric see-through vinesap lines the rill as nexus bowled across oneiric knee.
Whose symmetry’s compatible with least-sum-of-ilk. Some nattering’s in need of milk
toke blasphemous to will the wellside charm to rant-free prose quite unlike Dickens.

Fagin’s rags corningstone motor, huck and jive. Solar plexal, the mowed clonidine-licking
spree. Trinidad in Tobago, matte black elk, how one gets the horns, free from plinths
spoken for / against / printed obeisance: a farm of riddles, fob to cloud, smirks out of it.

Shines forward and back an intense sunshiny riddling loud and mirthful holding pat(tern)
whimsical unequal to survival instinctive stature not quite smooth yet not quite wobbling
a consecutive prepared rim shot plastered over undertone and thriving in the shade.

Kabul standing in as crawler, stop sign autographed by bullets, corner aces folded high
against bridge’s lacuna night, riled to half-mast, boardroom bionic slider sphere of toil.
Shush of finger to flicked crickets’ moby twinge inside satori pert black-eyed peas.

Nigh shoulders lean into right click after oars, later on graffiti’s merely spherical, the
detention status flickers until candle fall, then wings emerge in thought, the lack of ease,
the old and signatory cataract shields ridges from being tactile in full foreground.

Begs an infestation, paddleboat cloves a blight (spectacular) serum, one given on-the-
house. Three minds impolite foam their brothel at you, assume a sterile visitor. No-help
hooved as one might defend, jerry-rig an excuse or backwater to compliment a scent.

While in line, beam a child to calm him, and the room, after a while, returns from jagged
sterile to blue lake, very shiny, for the whole of us to agree upon. The compliment comes
from anywhere, with nothing to fend off, summative mind uplifted beyond even the shine.

Sleep terror resides in a mobile Inc. roams if he/she chokes the bathrobe-belted neck
bled pregnant with cubes, hunches, clubroom azaleas— multifarious disagreement
clones the swarm, swaps its moans, bonuses, om-sick yeast feasting on its petunia mat.

Stasis ought to be magnetic, but it’s not. Flame azaleas subdivide attention between
warmth and lobbing across nets gargantuan compared with mini-minds of agonists
perpetually veiling over joy that must be hypothetical in keeping with the spewing dance.

Uptick the do not enter do nothing but wait, flare ones cheeks like a puffer washed up
voice godlike if fire is not invigorated with its fuss or commandment imperative triad
hypnotist to winter theory plods criminally effete sans comeuppance accruing chance.

Odds are, fetes will be remanded to least sum of focus, when the wind, in the wind gives
up by being just the stripped down storybook of fire. A Lenten sheaf of withering remarks
left on the page is called a letter, pressed somewhere, sans luster and sans gods.

Sands! And other sands. Solomon occasion, to roll the die & dysraphia (phrasic shade)
croaks— unhand me disband the jet-fumed La Niña. Fumar (to smoke rapidly out of el
hábito) scruff (is sage) bustle of salutation, Mingus of modelo cerveza, the shaken ream.

Good everlast. A mild subset of the band empty of note modes, remade sound in which
to bask in un-rough fumes, let’s call them fragrances. A tool and dye offered to shake
loose the ampersand, replace with letter press. Table of random numbers, I confess.

In ones, riddance, subpartition, brittle and nonplussed think thunk codes graves
in hunger a village of axes, clinched, found out, stabilizers, wrist samples. Louche
as bootlegged superstition semi-confided ink lung bling of colophon and bluster.

David Michael Wolach, "Rabocheye Dayelo"

The gendarmes: fastidious sparrows with semi-automatic documents raiding nests. December. They stole the newspapers but forgot to take the ideas.

Water is the reason god was invented. Oil is a byproduct of a discrete ineptitude in the upper strata. They buy t-shirts expressly for the occasion and never forget their fanny packs. Like small turds sparrows streak across a horizon lined with radio towers. Nobody broadcasts this.

Oil masks roads paved with good intentions. Intentions are hard to come by. Children say they've seen them. One might leave a plate of haroseth for a spontaneous arrival. Wine is too extravagant now. And nobody eats the brisket. Not even minor prophets.

Look for clearance sales at corner stores. Indications that aliens will be paying earth a visit. Blue-light specials attract more than one form. Shadows cast by these are long as the sun is low. Very low.

In Hamilton Ontario two tall stacks used to shoot flames from their mouths. One has gone out. Water at Rosie's is from the tap. Chlorine masks the idea of cocktail. Cock and Tail are what you get here. Luck is to be blamed. Someday that fire will rise again. Then you know the paper will mill disproportionately to demand. One small overlooked dividend will be:

the newspapers will reappear and not long before the gendarmes.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Remote" by Laurie Price

A cologne named Siesta or
a bus route dubbed Beethoven
misplace the detachment of
solo distances from the getgo
When I hit this green button
there you are a field of mirrors
I reference the discontinuities:
to write and engage by love
& money desires impulse,
concentrated persistence
sometimes though not
altogether, almost

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Christopher Mulrooney, "the billionairess"

outcome goes
anyway comes in a four or six-wheeled carriage

the victim is described as follows
medium height or build
medium fantasies or weight
and the build of fatuousness

the victims start to disdain their own mothers
lining the sidewalk
two or three deep in places

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nate Pritts, "4 months from Monday, Monday"

“Monday, Monday, can't trust that day.”
—“Papa” John Phillips


Fool, said my muse to me. Fool.

Already, buds. Spring starts talking loud

& the quiet of this winter is

a slow echoing.



I make a sandwich. I drink grape juice. I peel an orange.

Today I am a lute in a window & there is no breeze.

Today I am a window with a lute in it. No breeze.

I am a breeze not blowing; over there: a window, a lute.

I peel an orange. I eat.



Affirmative red, this dichotomy.

Can’t trust that day.

Sparkle-hearted: this dull memory spackled over.

& what I wouldn’t give for a chili dog.



A sad monument, something fading.

Can a day ever be just a day

or is it always the other days it was,

a dull history of days, an oppressive rush?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Clark Coolidge, Three Poems from Counting on Planet Zero


Dreamed of Ian Holm as Cable Hogue
he came in good on the vacuum frottages
the Baroness Freytag saved from circuses
and idling at the rim of divulgence
firm with parturience on a radar vine
a ring but that end is stupid
blackening with the farm engines
vittles and enough water for a cork
adverse to radio but not in youth
the sail coat came on over night
spent rolling wallets and crowing
over and over the counters rang over
the boil road a giant plant
cognizant enough to have your number
in a row you thought but it’s Pegasus
Andromeda the Silver Pig in Amethyst
robes that crystallize and you don’t
you’d best wait for the proper race
the number of the face
and its waterglass balancing squids


If you survive Absorbine placement you’ll be seen
fanning your palms in Pharaonic thensome
ever study that map around the planetarium’s axle?
I would come to if I were solvent
you could be killed for hiring a new address
breaching a cup attending to the tailor’s details
there are fortresses that dispense transparent tobaccos
or a rash of automatics stolen from lollygaggers
payoffs lying around everywhere the time is now
pyroclastic the burners used here for heatups
they must melt thumbtacks in their blood
that the ocean give one a straightening
puff and drag the marrying molesters
to the circular palace of wandering minds
beneath a sky cloaked in undergarments
if you have the cabbage to stomach it
learn to learn from the telescope not what’s in it
a brilliance you could see soak through bandages
the Flown Child trained to munch on carrion
hoping to brighten in the magic of a milktoast storm
something will always tell you how to turn
a peeling message among the tie-downs
I hadn’t glass to witness


If you walk in off the patio you’ll see
the lamp shining on my filter paper
and the country’s finest collection of goads
but it was dark in my head that night
above alone but none more capable
the signal said we wish to form
an Earth beyond your dreams
the perfect alien of wish fulfillment
lunar beds in planetary belts
no halts on the limiters
the plan was to crosscheck the children
all the crestfallen and sundry dwellers
I got a planet you couldn’t beleaguer
straight but could conquer by the load
ripe for shining alcohol on the grounds
a maybe zany bitch on a homeside ball
a crystal in the hay rick collapsible on call
a throat of tremendous heights and strengths
right comestible on hand but try not to separate
care to scrape this buzz from my flashlight?
try crawlspace stand and get a grip
a hemisphere is for the nervous pleasures
you just slip on a wrap like the uncles gave
the plot was to leave a coverage of worlds
ripe and on hand for whatever following floor

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Voilà! The way shit happens, you stroll outside
to see what type of day it is and you'll be damned:
200 pounds of guerilla for sale, a green-eyed leopard
clicking her heels professionally, Martians
in windows, buses cramped with long faces of ghosts—
you don't know how to feel about all this,
but there's a pot left on a stove
and the coil of somebody's lover is burning away...
I'm a child again too, awed when I should
have been sobered, now a spy
buzzed on air, on a mission to nowhere—heads-up
where you step—ambergris and pollen,
sage and saga loose in a bag-o-wind. Sweet music,
you've gone and fucked me rotten.